Sunday, May 16, 2010

Three simple key to weight loss

With all the statistics that are out these days about kids obese, overweight adults, and all health related problems, there are some simple things that most people seem to find more. And it seems many companies out there who are in a weight-loss industry just prefer to keep things quiet.

Simple is that first you have to move, get some exercise, use of the muscles. Too many people are looking for a magic pill that sucks pounds right of your body without leaving the couch. Simple common sense says otherwise. Our bodies are designed to move. There is a reason that athletes are fit, sculpted and otherwise in very good condition. This is because the exercises and training nearly every day. Certainly not because they eat less. Most athletes eat more calories than the average person, but because of their level of exercise to burn calories.

The second is that food wholesale clubs, super centres, and fifty restaurants surround us within 15 minutes from our house. A generation ago, eating out is something that happens once a month or only on special occasions. Today, many families eat five or more times per week. In addition, we shop at the wholesale food club and I think we did something. The fact is that through the food very quickly. The point here is that we consume too many foods from only one or two generations ago.

The third simple case is that the food we eat, we have so many chemicals, preservatives, food colours, and so many that have no nutritional value. Our bodies are not made to consume all this food, at least in the amount we put in. We would do better to spend 75% of our time shopping around the store and only 25% and in the corridor where the type of food left. The point here is that we should eat more natural foods and fewer processed foods. I'm not saying eliminate it, right below it. It also does not say organic. While the beautiful organic, processed, natural foods is a good place to start.

Weight-loss industry would collapse if not all have been brainwashed to think that they need the LAP-BAND surgery, to take their appetite suppressants, medically approved eating a box of food, or hire former athletes to show how their systems can help decrease food nutrition pounds.
Are these three simple key? I never said that. But against the indoctrination of an easier way or pay to lose weight is your first step. The second step is to begin to move and exercise. The third step is to reduce how to obtain food by shopping and eating out more plausible. The fourth step is to eat better food. You do not need to tell your doctor. Tell yourself that.

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